Rochelle is absolutely amazing with dogs! She is smart, firm, loving and patient. She has helped us with our female lab who has had issues with dog aggression. Rochelle should have HER own TV show. We can’t recommend her enough!
— Alana Forrest-San Jose, CA
Rochelle is the best! We’ve been using See Spot Run for 2.5 years now and it has been wonderful! She loves our dogs like they’re her own and they love her. We are so fortunate to have found her!
— Lisa Martin-San Jose, CA
We have been clients of See Spot Run for more than a decade. When we started we were a couple with long work hours outside the home. We thought when that changed we would cut back on walkies, but Rochelle is such an amazing “whisperer” that we can’t imagine depriving our boxer of his daily time with the See Spot Run pack. Now our new little terrier mix is joining the walks a couple days a week and we can see how happy it makes her. We highly recommend Rochelle and See Spot Run. It’s a lot more than just a walk!
— Debbie Cauble and Mark Nelson-San Jose, CA
I have two rescue dogs, a 4 year old male Rottweiler mix and a 3 year old female Pit Bull (maybe a mix). When I added the Pit Bull to my household, there was a lot of adjustment that needed to be made because of her crazy, pushy behavior. One of the things I did was to hire Rochelle / See Spot Run to take both dogs on pack walks. Rochelle has a way with dogs that changes behavior for the good in just ONE interaction! It’s amazing! After their first walk with Rochelle, I noticed less ‘me, me, me FIRST’ with my Pit Bull. She waited patiently to be invited out of the car. Wow! Rochelle’s unwavering patient, calm, in-charge demeanor encourages the best out of the dogs at all times. They know who’s boss! In addition, her thorough understanding of dog psychology and behavior has provided education for me about limits, boundaries, and consistency to obtain the results I want. I was walking the dogs with my neighbor a week or so ago, and she commented that they were very well behaved on the leashes and asked, ‘Do you think that is because of Rochelle?’ I absolutely think so!
— Polly Murphy-San Jose, CA
As an animal rescuer, I know how important confidence & socialization are to finding new homes for discarded pets. Some of the dogs I have fostered have been neglected & abused to the point where they had lost trust in people & every unexpected sound or new object was terrifying to them. Others just needed to burn off excess energy so they could focus on training. Rochelle has an awesome way with the dogs & the “pack” speaks to a fearful/ shy dog in a way they can understand- helping them learn that the world is not such a scary place after all. The most shy dogs light up when they see her pull up outside & happily jump in with their “friends” for the days adventure! Rochelle has been kind enough to offer her services to these unfortunate dogs- taking them into the world wearing their “adopt me” vests- hoping someone will see them & ask how to make that dog a part of their family. Her own dog Charlie is a sweet, calm, confident influence on all the others. When the dogs go out with the See Spot Run pack- the focus is on exercise & socialization, seeing them all walking so well together is something to see! And we all LOVE seeing the pictures & videos posted daily on Facebook!
— Anne Boleyn-San Jose, CA
our first time in the san jose mercury news, We made the front page!

our first time in the san jose mercury news, We made the front page!

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