About See Spot Run 

Hi! I'm Rochelle! I have loved and lived with dogs my whole life. I began working with dogs in 1999 and leading pack walks professionally in 2004. My dog, Charlie The Dog, went on all the pack walks with me, is the logo for my business and the bedrock of my philosophy. After a long and wonderful life, at the age of 17, my Charlie passed away in 2016. It was truly a blessing for me to get to work with dogs and have my best buddy right by my side every day.


I've been leading packs of dogs for over 10 years and continue to improve my skills daily. I learn from the dogs about dog behavior and how they experience the world. That experience informs my dog training philosophy.

I understand that the best leaders serve those they lead, and that is how I approach the work I do - my role is to benefit the dogs and to fulfill their needs.